Monday, August 20, 2012

How to.... Survive a Screaming 3 Month Old

She is crying. All night. I have no clue why. What does she want? OH MY GOD!!!

Boob? Doesn't want it
Play time? No way Jose!
Change the diaper? No difference

Paci? Nope
Gripe water? Didn't help
Teething gel? No change

Gas drops? Still nothing
Nap? Fat chance
Boob again? I may as well have just killed her puppy.

Sit up in the Boppy? Must be uncomfortable somehow... because pillows can be uncomfortable?
Lay down? Screaming

All night
Mommy? At my wits end.

How to survive a screaming 3 month old... Don't take it personally (even if she stops crying the second Daddy picks her up). And put on the Boba wrap and walk the baby to 7-11 to treat yourself to a Slurpee and some Ben & Jerry's. Because you deserve it.

Diaper change? Somehow hilarious
Swaddle? Calms her down
Boob? Her favorite thing in the whole world
Mommy cuddles? Happy, sleepy baby. ♥

♥ Rissa
No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post

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