Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge August 17- How did your child (or pet) get their name?

Jilly Bean's real name is Jillian Rose. She is named after my grandma, Gillian. They share similar birthdays, only 6 days apart. When it comes down to it, I love my grandma, I wanted to honor her and I love the name. She is a great woman who has faced many things in her life and I think she deserves a namesake. If that isn't evidence enough... my aunt and uncle both gave one of their daughters Gillian as a middle name.

As for Jilly's nickname... after I decided on Jillian, I knew that I wanted her to be Jilly when she's young with the option of Jill and Jillian when she gets older. Kodiak is actually the one who nicknamed her Jilly Bean. He was talking to her (in my belly) one night and it just came out! And stuck. She has been Jilly Bean ever since.

I also don't like popular names so... Jillian works perfectly! Classic and not overly used.

♥ Rissa

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  1. I named my daughters after my grandmothers also. That's a great way to get a nickname...and one with nice meaning behind it.