Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge August 16 - 10 things you love about your significant other (or kids or pets)


  1. His smile.
  2. How he cuddles me super close when I'm sad.
  3. That he can (almost) match my goofiness.
  4. His support of my Slurpee addiction.
  5. That he busted booty to get our AC installed because he knew being hot made me cranky.
  6. How much he loves our Jilly Bean.
  7. That he puts up with my goofy weirdo self!
  8. His reluctant adaptability.
  9. His desire to make me happy.
  10. He is spontaneous. He took me to the Grand Canyon after knowing me for approximately 5 seconds (ok 2 months).

Jilly Bean:
  1. The way her face lights up when she's happy to see me.
  2. How she stretches in the morning when we take her swaddle off.
  3. The funny faces she makes at me.
  4. Holding my hand while we nap.
  5. That she is starting to look like a Rissa-twin.
  6. How she tries to mimic me and we have "conversations".
  7. When I start her off sleeping a foot away from me, she wiggles until she's pressed up against me again.
  8. Her yummy milky baby smell.
  9. How curious she is already.
  10. That she can be soothed just because I'm holding her and singing to her (the one person on the planet who enjoys me singing!)

♥ Rissa

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