Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge August 18 - How did you meet your significant other?

Kodiak and I met basically because I'm a brat and I chase after what I want (and get it mind you!).

In February of 2011, I was working at my old office. I had worked there on and off since the previous fall and had landed a long term temp (read: 1 year plus) position. My mom also works there so I was super comfortable and loved my boss. Well one day one of the other employees was walking around the new guy. Guess who? Kodiak.

Well I thought he was cute and it had been awhile since I had found someone I liked. I spent a couple weeks stopping by his desk and bugging him (aka flirting). I have no idea why Kodiak decided to hang out with me since my flirting pretty much consisted of giving him a whole bunch of attitude. He thought I was funny I guess and nicknamed me Brat. Not exactly flattering... though once he got to know me better he changed it to SweetTart, much better I think!

We hung out a couple times and he insisted on "casual dating, nothing serious". Somehow that transformed to a trip to the Grand Canyon two months in and a Harry Potter marathon on the weekends. "Casual dating, nothing serious" turned into "boyfriend/girlfriend" which turned into "exclusive". Which turned into now. Living together, having a Jilly Bean, and lots of love.

Nursing the Bean while Kodiak feeds me soup

♥ Rissa

PS: Moral of the story? Having an attitude can work sometimes ;)

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