Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cloth Diapering... A Day in the Life

Hi all! This post is just a "day in the life" of what goes on for the "average" cloth diapering mom (me).

I am a newly stay at home mom and I am loving it. We get to sleep in, we don't have a set schedule. It is pretty awesome I must admit. We wake up around noon (Don't judge me! We have no set schedule remember!). The morning begins with some cuddling and breastfeeding followed with waking up Daddy and taking off Jilly's swaddle. Daddy then plays with Jilly a little bit before we head over to the changing table.

Last night Jilly slept in a Swaddlebees Capri Cover and sustainablebabyish newborn snapless fitted. Awesome combination and my definite go-to for over night cloth diapering. Its pretty much fool proof and I only plan on switching it up when I receive some sustainablebabyish wool I have ordered!

Today is bath day so Jilly get some splash time in her tub before we change her into a Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper. These are a new find for me. The inner fabric and insert is ultra soft minky. You know those velvety blankets you spend 15 minutes just touching at the baby store and wish they made them in adults sizes? Er... ok maybe that's just me... But that's what this diaper feels like inside! I can't imagine a better way to start the day than to put something that smooth and soft on the bum!

After this we continue play time in the living room for a little bit and then feed again and Jilly is down for a nap! Score for mommy! Time to start folding and sorting all those diapers I spent what felt like a whole day washing. I get to watch some TV (yay Olympics!) and have some breakfast. Then Jilly is up and awake and no longer digging the swing. Time for another diaper change! This time I go for a Thirsties Duo AIO. I just  received this fluffy purchase in the mail in the Scottish Rose print. I was a little hesitant in pictures but it is absolutely adorable.

 Now that Jilly is up and alert it is definitely tummy time. She loves being propped up in the Boppy. For only 11 weeks she holds herself up pretty well!

After the little miss gets tired of the Boppy, she has a snack and then its nap time again. Sometimes I am absolutely amazed by how much she sleeps. And as a new mom it worries me a little, but I just keep reminding myself that she is growing. Nap time for mommy too at this point, I'm exhausted!

Lately, it has been very hot in Los Angeles and we have no air conditioning! Yikes! So since Jilly has woken up playful and happy again, its snack time and then we are going swimming! Time to suit up in a Bummis Swim Diaper and some sunblock then off to splash away! After awhile she wears herself out and we come back upstairs and change out of the swim diaper, into a Rumparooz in Eco Owls. I bought this because I wanted Kodiak to enjoy some of our diapers but this one is pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. And perfect for a long nap time that I know she is due for!

Since I know Jilly is about to give me a nice long stretch of a nap, I start dinner. Tonight we are having rosemary and parmesan crusted chicken. Yummy. I am so happy there are easy quick things to cook that don't heat my poor apartment up too badly. Well dinner is made and eaten so we wrap our night up with a movie/nursing session. We have some cuddles and cooing time during the movie and when its over, it is time for a night time diaper!

My favorite night time diaper is a sustainablebabyish snapless newborn fitted. (Are you seeing a theme) Totally awesome. Fool proof. I love it. We cover that with a  Swaddlebees Capri Cover again and its off to bed for the Jilly Bean!

As for me? Dishes and straightening up then time to join her!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my link, I will make a small commission which I will use to re-diaper Jilly Bean's bum!

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