Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wool Diaries: Kissed by the Moon - Bumby Wool Pre-Orders


Bumby pre-orders are officially open at Kissed by the Moon!
For the second round of pre-orders, Bumby and Kissed by the Moon have brought you even more options. In addition to silky (smooth, soft, sleek, thinner than traditional wool) and fuzzy (thicker and more durable) wool options you have options for leggings, soakers, shorties, longies, and bold longies!

Bumby Silky Wool Soakers
Bumby Silky Wool Shorties
Bumby Silky Wool Longies
Bumby Silky Wool Leggings

Bumby Fuzzy Wool Soakers
Bumby Fuzzy Wool Shorties
Bumby Fuzzy Wool Longies
Bumby Fuzzy Wool Leggings

Bumby Bold Longies

Bold longies? What are bold longies? I've never heard of these before... Wait... bold longies are your normal, adorable longies but with cute bold stripes? Seriously? YES! Awesome! You can request Girly, Boyish, or Gender Neutral colors, you can request specific colors in notes. This means your little wool fashionista will have custom only one in the world like them wool longies. Where can I sign up?? (In case you missed it its right up there ^^^ or > Bumby Bold Longies)

Now on to colors... have you ever seen so many pretty colors? And you get to choose! Have that adorable shirt that pretty much matches nothing? Or maybe it just is lacking a perfect match? Right here is where you find it. Is your little diva demanding only purple? Right here.

Are you ready to plunge with me yet?

♥ Rissa

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