Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peachy Green... Winter Launch Landing at Kissed by the Moon November 1st!

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... !!!!
Who's ready for another round of Peachy Green?

If you've been paying attention the last week or so, you may have noticed some super cute diaper previews posted on the Kissed by the Moon Facebook Page. Its that time again... Peachy Green release time! This time around, in addition to the Solo Luxe AIO, Kissed by the Moon fans also get the option to purchase the Sprout Up OS AI2 and Switcheroo Cover-n-2. Are you excited yet? I am!

Let's go over some difference between the different types.. you with me?

Blue Icicles

First off the tried and true, I love it, Solo Luxe AIO.

  • PUL outer in colors and prints
  • Bamboo/organic cotton inner
  • Sizing 0-1-2
  • Bamboo/organic cotton soaker
  • Leg openings: No tucking needed, stretchy elastic for thin or chubby thighs
  • 4 rows of snaps, you can adjust leg and waist separately.
Blue Moon
I have tried the Solo Luxe AIO and I love it. This diaper is so trim and so adorable. I do love a fluffy booty, but sometimes you need to put on pants, and this is the diaper to do that with. Even if it means ( tear :( ) covering it up.

Next up is the Switcheroo Cover-n-2

  • PUL outer in colors and prints
  • Inner you can wipe clean for multiple changes and flaps to hold prefolds!
  • Sizing 0-1-2 (newborn covers too!)
  • No soaker, you can use this with prefolds, flats, or fitted diapers.
  • Leg openings: Double elastic with gentle leg gussets to contain messes.
  • 3 rows of snaps, you can adjust leg and waist separately.
Highland Games
I haven't tried this yet, but I will definitely be ordering one. Covers are one of my favorite types of diapers. We use a lot of fitteds and flats so this work should work perfectly into our routine!

Rounding out the Peachy Green line up is the Sprout Up OS AI2.

  • PUL outer in colors and prints
  • Soft custom-milled microfleece. Shell can be reused for multiple changes!
  • One Size with 3 rise adjustments
  • Bamboo/organic cotton soakers
  • Leg openings: No tucking needed, stretchy elastic for thin or chubby thighs
  • 5 rows of snaps, you can adjust leg and waist separately.
I am super excited about this. When I started cloth diapering, AI2s were the bulk of my stash. I adore that these are bamboo/organic cotton since that is such an absorbent combination and very gentle on baby bums.
Peachy Fact? These diapers are sewn in Missouri, USA!

Other colors and prints coming to you on November 1st?


Rainbow Zig Zag
Be sure to have your alarm clock set! These all go on sale November 1st at 10 am CST. And once they are gone, they are gone! Act fast!

What is your Peachy Green style? What is your favorite color/print of this release?

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