Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer #BlogChallenge July 30 - Are you an artist?

I am the first to admit that I am not an artist in any shape or form. I can't draw. I can't play anything. I tried knitting and I can pretty much manage scarves only. And even those aren't very good. The only one who enjoys my singing is my 11 week old and that's coming from someone who laughs when she grabs her feet. So her judgement is questionable obviously.

If I had any sort of art it would be humor. I can't be funny on demand but I would like to believe that the reason my relationship with Kodiak's works is because I make us laugh.

However, I am surrounded by artists. Kodiak plays guitar, drums, and bass. He also writes. My grandmother can play piano, writes (and has been published!), and is an amazing painter. My cousin draws and paints. My aunt recently upcycled jeans and a tablecloth into a skirt that I kinda want to steal from her!

So my hope is that even though I can't sing on key, or play anything, or draw a straight line with a ruler... that Little Miss Sassy Pants will get it somehow. I'll stick to my talents, giving kisses, buying diapers, making Kodiak laugh, and being the mommy to the cutest little girl in my whole wide world.

♥ Rissa


  1. your story and glad you get to be around lots of artists even though you don't think you are one :)

    Did you take the picture in the post??? If so, then I think that counts as being an artist :)

    1. I did :) its easy to take pictures of her though since she's so dang cute!